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So you are looking at the mace keychain products and are wondering if it is proper for you. Needless to mention locating the proper self protection spray can be one of the maximum important decisions you could make. A weak spray may not be enough to forestall an attacker, even as a strong spray without the right functions can be impractical and now not consumer pleasant. Below you may find a quick description of the mace keychain, and it professionals and cons.

What exactly is a mace keychain?

The mace keychain is exactly what it seems like- a keychain with mace attached to it. Usually the important thing chain includes the mace logo 10% pepper spray or pepper protect spray. The case is both leatherette or a hard case shell relying in your desire. The spray carries a UV die which invisibly marks your assailant. The dye remains at the skin for numerous days and makes it very easy for law enforcement to perceive an attacker.

Mace Keychain Positives

The satisfactory element about this object is the sheer variety. Not too mention you have a gaggle of colors to choose from, and you may be confident in locating it at night time with its glow within the dark capacity. The spray has a safety cap which prevents the spray from by accident getting used or shape being by accident discharged. It is available on a keychain for brief and efficient access, and can also be shops in a purse or pocket. The spray additionally has a pretty suitable range of 10 ft, and it is pretty less expensive so that you do not have to fear approximately it breaking the financial institution.

Mace Keychain Negatives

Some down points to this keychain custom keychains is that it handiest comes in one as an alternative small size. This is probably for the pleasant, as it does now not draw a ton of interest to yourself protection weapon. However, in case you do no longer have your spray in a with no trouble available place, and it’s miles caught somewhere for your handbag, you may consider how hard it might be to find your spray in a way that may not positioned you in a extra prone position. Also, it is critical to have this item to your keychain. You do not want to accidentally lose it because it’s not for your keychain, and for the reason that it is small, it can possibly be lost without problems.

Final Review

Overall, that is a quite appropriate item to have in yourself defense arsenal, and for the charge you cannot beat it. The spray has a variety of functions that make it a terrific strong product. Now that we recognize this, make sure to keep in mind that this object is a keychain. You need to have it in an handy place so you are not muffling around for your purse looking for the darn issue while you want it the most.